Stone Cutter

Stone Cutter

Stone Cutter 1.0.3 is a match-four game with stones
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Stone Cutter 1.0.3 is a match-four game with stones. The goal of this game is to form groups of four or more identical adjacent triangles. You will have stones formed by two triangles. When you form a group, the stones in it will be cleared from the board, and the stones above them will fall to occupy the empty spaces left. In order to form the groups, you can pick the stones by clicking on them by your left mouse button. Then, you can rotate the stones, if necessary to match the triangles, with the right button of your mouse. You can then place the picked stone in an empty space, and drop it with the left mouse button. You will have a goal, you must form a given number of groups. If too many stones fall to the lava pool, you won´t be able to reach your goal. So, take care of that. This game can be played in Puzzle Mode (unlimited time) or in Action Mode (where you will race against time). You can choose the difficulty level between Medium, Hard, Perfect or Easy. You can adjust the graphics detail to speed up the game. You can pause the game whenever you want, to resume playing anytime.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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